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Video 1: Course Introduction
    Course Intro (Edited).mp4
    • 3 mins
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    Bonus Reading: What is Digital Marketing?
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        Video 2: Marketing Terms 101

        Marketing has a language of its own. This video features some of the key terms we’ll cover in the rest of the video courses.

        Marketing Terms 101 (Edited).mp4
        • 21 mins
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        Marketing Terms 101.pptx
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        Video 3: Website Wants vs. Needs

        Web Lead Ops Bridget O’Conner joins the conversation as we discuss what you need to add to your website versus what people want to include. 

        We’ll discuss the importance of considering visual hierarchy as well as which plugins are important to have, why site speed is important and what slows your site down.

        Website Needs vs. Wants (Edited).mp4
        • 44 mins
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        Website Needs vs Wants.pptx
        • 1.47 MB
        Read: Google SEO 101: Page Speed Optimization
          Read: How to Write Your Website’s About Page (Hint: It’s Not About You)
            Read: Metas and Titles and Blogs, Oh My!
              Download: Website Redesign Project Plan 2019.pdf
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              Page Speed Insight Tool

                Video 4: Introduction to SEO

                In this course, we’ll cover the basics of SEO with SEO Lead Ops Amanda Marra. We’ll discuss what SEO is and why it’s necessary. We’ll review all the ways Google ranks content, on-page SEO strategies, and what to avoid.

                Intro to SEO (Edited).mp4
                • 34 mins
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                Introduction to SEO 12_1.pptx
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                On-Page SEO eBook 2023.pdf
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                Read: What is On-Page SEO?

                  Video 5: Who is Your Target Audience?

                  Rhonda Bavaro joins the conversation as we discuss the importance of developing a detailed Buyer Persona. We also discuss the importance of keyword research and different strategies to find keywords that your audience is using in search. Finally, we’ll start the discussion about SEO blog structure.

                  Who is Your Target Audience (Edited).mp4
                  • 43 mins
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                  Who is Your Target Audience.pptx
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                  Buyer Persona.png
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                  Blog Post Template & SEO Checklist.pdf
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                  Read: The Best Keyword Research Tools You May Not Be Using

                    Video 6: Write for Your Target Audience (At the Same Time)

                    Writing with a developed content strategy includes creating a content brief. In this course, Rhonda Bavaro is back to discuss writing with a focus on user intent. We also discuss the importance of a great headline.

                    After this, we’ll get into different types of post structures and using Yoast to optimize content for SEO. Finally, we’ll look at varying your content strategy and how to use a content calendar.

                    Writing for Your Target Audience (Edited).mp4
                    • 59 mins
                    • 703 MB
                    Write for Your Target Audience and for Google (1).pptx
                    • 2.08 MB
                    Read: Write the Perfect Blog Title and Stop Confusing Google
                      Read: 4 Simple Blog Post Templates (And When To Use Them)
                        SEO Blog Template Checklist.pdf
                        • 36.3 KB
                        Content Calendar Template - SMA Marketing.xlsx
                        • 3.45 MB

                        Video 7: Connecting Your Website to Google and Understanding Analytics (The Basics)

                        Ryan Shelly joins us to discuss everything you need to know about setting up Google Analytics, Search Console, and setting the correct KPI’s

                        We’ll review how to: 

                        • Connect Website URL to

                        • Connect Analytics to Search Console

                        • Connect Analytics to Website 

                        After these connections are set then you can set KPIs and set up a DataStudio Report.

                        Analytics Training (edited).mp4
                        • 36 mins
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                        Connecting Your Website to Google and Understanding Analytics.pptx
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                        Download this template
                          Read: Using Google Data Studio to Create Marketing Reports [Free Template Included]

                            Video 8: Social Media 101

                            Social media is a key part of digital marketing, however, it’s important to use it as icing on the cake within your strategy. We’ll cover the basics of using the top social media platforms and compare different strategies for each one. 

                            We’ll dive into hashtags. What they are, why you need to use them, and how to use them most effectively. Finally, we’ll talk about social media etiquette.

                            Social Media 101 (Edited).mp4
                            • 44 mins
                            • 499 MB
                            Social Media.pptx
                            • 1.44 MB
                            The Ultimate Guide to Social Media SEO 2023.pdf
                            • 2.61 MB
                            Instagram Hashtag Tracker.pdf
                            • 60.6 KB
                            Read: Pinterest SEO: Best Practices
                              Read: Small Business Social Media Do's and Don'ts
                                Read: Which Social Media Platforms Are Worth Your Time?
                                  Read: 6 Steps to Create a Social Media Calendar
                                    Read: 7 Ways to Use Instagram for Your Small Business (Without Spending Money)
                                      Read: How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for SEO
                                        Read: 6 Tips for YouTube SEO Optimization

                                          Video 9: Email Marketing

                                          The email marketing course discusses the importance of building your email list and walks through the strategy of how to do so. We also highlight the distinction between digital real estate you own versus that which you rent and why you should spend more time on the spaces you own. 

                                          We dive into using community groups other than Facebook groups to connect with your target audience.

                                          Email Marketing (Edited).mp4
                                          • 23 mins
                                          • 193 MB
                                          Email Marketing new.pptx
                                          • 2.57 MB
                                          A Guide to Creating Compelling Offers.pdf
                                          • 2.65 MB
                                          SOAP Sequence Templates 2023.pdf
                                          • 8.5 MB
                                          Read: Building Community Online Without Social Media Platforms

                                            Video 10: Step by Step Master Checklist

                                            We’ll take time to review every training and talk about an organized order that will help ensure you don’t skip any steps. 

                                            This course includes a downloadable checklist to help you keep track of which step you’re working on. 

                                            Execution (Edited).mp4
                                            • 12 mins
                                            • 52.8 MB
                                            Step by Step Master Checklist new.pptx
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                                            A Guide to Creating Compelling Offers.pdf
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                                            Startup Marketing Checklist final.pdf
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                                            Step by Step Master Checklist.pdf
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